Top Budget Smart Home Tech Under $50! (2019)

Top Budget Smart Home Tech Under $50! (2019)

Here is my updated best budget smart home tech under $50. Top budget smart home tech under $50 was the most popular category for 2018 so I wanted to follow up. These cheap smart home devices will give you a great base to build the Ultimate Smart Home so stay tuned for my full smart home tour for 2019 so you can get smart home ideas with alexa and google both. If you love the smart home setup and like budget smart home tech let me know so I can make more videos on budget smart home devices. Would you like to see a budget smart home plans and a budget smart home setup? Subscribe for more budget tech and smart home technology videos.

Legrand Radiant Smart Switch Collection:
Echo Dot (3rd Gen):
Google Home Mini:
Total Mount for Echo Dot 3rd Gen:
Sportlink Mount for Echo Dot 3rd Gen:
Echo Input:
Teckin Smart Power Strip:
Philips Hue White Bulbs:
Lifx Mini Smart Bulb:
Lifx Smart Bulb Multi Color A19:
TP Link Multi Color Smart Bulb:
Wiz Multicolor Smart Bulb BR30:
Wiz Multicolor Smart Bulb: A19:

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50 Replies to “Top Budget Smart Home Tech Under $50! (2019)”

  1. You never mentioned the connection capability that the teckin powerstrip has. I purchased it under your word because you made it seem nice and it says it doesnt support 5Ghz wifi only 2.4Ghz. Maybe next time you should mention that huh asshxle.

  2. Which pice category would you like to see next? $25? $100? Over $200? Let me know! Moving to a new house so brand new smart home tour will be coming soon. I get to start from scratch!

  3. Yeelight’s bulbs are great as well, O have those. Really bright, only $20, no hub and great app & control. Works w google home, alexa as well! 🙂 btw dropped a sub, great vid!:)

  4. Wyze is the best. Check out the company, I have over 30 of their cameras and all of their smart tech. They also have the cheapest smart products that actually work including locks, bulbs, cameras, power plugs, and even a scale and smart watch for under $30

  5. Would someone be able to help me find out what the accessory is called on the left hand side of the screen at 1:13?? I have seen them a few times but never know what they’re called to order!!

  6. I’m just going to cut straight to the point, I don’t know if you meant to do this or not, but you totally Ostracized the World of Apple, and you should be ashamed of yourself! SOME of the the Tech that you came up with was good, but what about the 1/3 of the world that uses Apple Products…?

  7. The tplink stuff is actually really good. It’s been the only smart home product I’ve bought that’s worked consistently.

  8. Great video. Anyone know of any decent clear smart bulbs? I have a feeling fan with 4 bulbs and they are obviously visible so I use the small clear bulbs with a bit of a curved point on the end. Doesn’t seem to be much of an option for those kinds of smart bulbs

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