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  1. It good you didn’t take the money and run . You would have gave black men a bad reputation. I know as soon as I call the girl I might take a lose and get bad service so i’m willing to part with the money. Leave a bad review on her ad is more effective it last longer and she lose money from it. Also you only booked for a q.v. you can’t expect much I see if you booked hh. Unless that girl is really cool q.v. always are rushed.

  2. What in the world did I just listen too😳I have so many questions😂Anyhoo.. $60 dollars isn’t much! So there for you got your money’s worth! Now if we was talking in the hundreds that would have been different! Anyway if she was wanting you to come thru again..You must have made her happy😂😂😂..Boy bye! You not right at all!!!!🙌😂😂😂😂

  3. WOW So much that I could say; but maybe not here. I really appreciate your being able to tell this story. Most would not have the nerve, and would call you crazy for putting it out there. The reality is, though, that this IS reality; whether people approve or like, or not. I must say though, that I am so glad that you did not take the money back after services. $60 is really nothing. I have never heard of this ‘Listcrawler,’ but I can bet that if you want the full ‘bae’ experience, you are definitely going to have to dish out a bit more change. I mean, she did give you ‘impressive’ head as well; so you already got a 2fer LOL. $60 is not really a wage for the ‘pros’ IJS….

  4. I can’t believe you got a nigga up at work early in the morning watching all your videos 😂. First off I’m shocked the bitch was willing to bareback off the rip no questions asked. Not that it matters but I have to know baby age range big homie. As far as paying $60, I’m all for that 👍🏾. As to paying $60 for 1 position🤔? I can’t knock you for that because when I used to trick, it was all mostly done in 1 position. I was about paying, get my nut off and go home. I understand if a person wanted to get the most out of there money, it just depends on the person. The biggest takeaway is that baby didn’t look the same when y’all met up.

  5. Love this video bro 😀 I wouldn’t of replied either lol damn bro big like from me 😀 oh you where right with going with the flow lol

  6. Bruh😂 you should’ve spent that on a scratch off, and fuck paying for pussy… period 😂👍🏾.

  7. list crawler is a joke boss. its not safe its full of spammers and cops also the owner literaly said that if the copw talk to him he would give them all your info, your number and who tou talked to, killing the whole reason to review. wish there was a better option.

  8. One thing I can say about TRICKN for 20 something years you will definitely come in contact wit a lot of shady females.

  9. I can’t believe what I heard 😭😭😱 but no I don’t think it should of just been one position for 60$ maybe 2 at least

  10. LMAOOOOO WTF? oh I guess its just a matter of time before the police shut this down like Backpage. Do yall know we cant be posting up like this shit is legal? DAMN!!

  11. Hello okay we don’t know what it is guess we bout to see oh god i am already like 👀🍿OMG i am over here shaking my head lord have mercy $60 she is a cheap lay but that is her price i could not would not ever and if she is gonna do this professional i am guessing that it should be back and front you are so open that it’s crazy but long as you strap up and be safe live your best life 😁😁

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