Top 9 Upcoming Electric Scooters to Cover Daily Commutes on the Cheap

Top 9 Upcoming Electric Scooters to Cover Daily Commutes on the Cheap

Approaches to urban transportation differ around the globe. If we don’t take into account public transport, it can be clearly seen that while people in the United States and in North America tend to choose cars and SUVs as their main daily commuters (hence the need to cover longer distances), many people in Europe, India and Asian countries choose smaller vehicles to get around: motorcycles, scooters and bicycles are used not only for last mile travel but also as main commuters. These types of vehicles tend to have better fuel efficiency or produce no emissions at all, if they are equipped with all electric motors.

Since many Asian people use scooters and bicycles for travel, it’s no wonder that most of latest all-electric scooter models come from startups and manufactures located in this region.
Electric smart scooters have already become irreplaceable companions for riders in some parts of the world and this trend is very likely to be expanding in 2020.

After all, spending a quarter of a dollar to recharge the scoot daily, while enjoying fast hassle-free commute, is a pretty great deal. So here we wanted to explore the newest models that are arriving to reinvigorate the city landscapes to tell you which ones are worth buying by factoring in the major technical characteristics, battery information and estimated real-world all-electric riding ranges.

21 Replies to “Top 9 Upcoming Electric Scooters to Cover Daily Commutes on the Cheap”

  1. Trust me when I say that you don’t want any of this junk. E Bikes are so much the better way to go for too many reasons to list.

  2. What do you think of these upcoming scooter models? Are they worth the money? Share your thoughts below!

  3. Any of these going above 7 K it’s ridiculous, even if those Swiss are great technology masters, the average income is an abstract notion for them ! I’ll rather opt for the Taiwanese or Canadian variations, since jewellery it’s not my game !

  4. Everyone Must Help to Bring Electric Vehicles to Rome Every Road in The World.
    Incentives from Government
    From Manufacturers to Sellers & BUYERS.
    We All Deserve to Get All The Benefits of Today’s Technology

  5. I think you and I have a VERY different view of what ‘scooters’ means. lol. These are basically mopeds, my guy.

  6. At 11:06 they claim that Swag systems are produced by Bausch + Lomb motors. HAHAHA. They make contact lenses and eye drops.

  7. Compared to e-bikes, these are impressive. Compared to petrol powered scooters, they make you appreciate the power in gasoline (w the higher speeds and range). Would love to see them catch on in the US, could solve not only a lot of transportation problems, but environmental and financial as well.

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