The Most Affordable In-Ear Monitor Amp I Behringer P1 vs P2

The Most Affordable In-Ear Monitor Amp I Behringer P1 vs P2

The Most Affordable In-Ear Monitor Amp I Behringer P1 vs P2

Whether you are a live gigging musician or a studio session man, you have thought about the in-ear monitor solution.
Especially for churches, in-ear monitor solution is necessary more than ever in 2019.
I have tried several solutions. And I think these two are the most affordable In-Ear Monitor solutions.

Behringer P1
Behringer P2

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17 Replies to “The Most Affordable In-Ear Monitor Amp I Behringer P1 vs P2”

  1. thanks for the great info, really clear, great production quality and appreciated the in depth discussion of build quality, keep up the good work!

  2. Am i going to have stereo monitoring with this in a live situation? Im thinking no, because theres only one XLR input, right? thank you!

  3. 역시 최강 베린져
    이런 게 있는지 몰라서 집에서 놀고있던 Saffire pro 14에 DC파워 아답터만 갖고 다녔네요

  4. hello, I’m from Chile! I have a question:
    I have the Behringer P1…Can I connect the signal of a Line Out D.I of an instrument amplifier? Like for example a Line out of a bass or guitar amplifier? … And so have a personal return, in addition to the sound that is emitted by the amplifier? Or is it exclusively for the auxiliary signal of a mixer? regards

  5. Where did you get the bracket for the P1 monitor? That would be absolutely fantastic for ease of mounting for my drum set!

  6. 안녕하세요. 교회에서 싱어로 섬기고 있는데 혹시 P1이나 P2로 개인 인이어로 사용이 가능할까요

  7. 혹시 중.고등학교축제에서 개인용 인이어로 사용할 수 있을까요? 사용할수있다면 목소리와 mr이 듣고싶은데 어떤 장비가 필요할까요?

  8. Just bought one those Behringer P2 and got burned. Everything about was wrong on the unit. First being a brand new the units stereo/mono was wired backwards or so touching it would go mono. Than the problem of the 5% interferences and added fuzz sound that unit makes and than the problem of when the stereo was working the right/left balance was balanced very well and final word don’t use cheap cables cause than won’t get the signal volume you need.

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