Highest-Paid Electrical Engineering Jobs – Careers, Scope, Departments, Salaries

Highest-Paid Electrical Engineering Jobs – Careers, Scope, Departments, Salaries

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Electrical engineers design and test equipment for communications, electrical manufacturing, navigation, construction, broadcasting, power generation, computers, automobiles and aircraft. Often grouped with electronics engineers, beginning electrical engineers need a bachelor’s degree in electrical or electronics engineering, and many engineers also have a master’s degree or a state license. The top salaries of electrical engineers exceed 6Lakhs per month.
Below mentioned are a few fields where an Electrical Engineer can apply:
Oil and Gas Extraction – As oil and gas extraction has become more technologically advanced, electrical engineers help develop and maintain equipment. Electrical engineers in the oil and gas extraction industry primarily focus on designing electrical supply systems and equipment specifications needed at plants, drilling rigs, offshore platforms and pipeline monitoring stations. The annual mean wage for electrical engineers in this field is 6.5 Lakhs a year.
Computer Systems Design – An electrical engineering degree with a concentration in computer science classes is typically sufficient to design new computer hardware and peripherals. The work of electrical engineers and electronics engineers is similar. Both use engineering and design software and equipment to do engineering. Engineers whose jobs exclusively involve computer hardware are typically considered computer hardware engineers, but the industry also employs electrical engineers. The computer systems design industry employed 4,520 individuals in May 2016 and they averaged 4Lakhs annually.
Aerospace Manufacturing Navigation – Electrical engineers also design aircraft electrical systems. They research, develop and evaluate electronic devices used in aviation, including satellites, flight systems and communication systems. The average annual salary for these engineers is 7.5 LPA.
Semiconductor and Associated Parts Manufacturing – Building a computer requires a number of parts, many of which are very small and must be manufactured to very precise specifications. A variety of products use semiconductors, including music players, global positioning systems, computers and automobiles. The job of an electrical engineer in this industry is to make parts smaller while making them faster, more powerful and more dependable. This industry, the fourth highest paying for electrical engineers, also is the fourth-largest employer for the occupation.

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  1. Ata jata kuch nahi aur bak bak kar rhi ho highest can easily cross 25 – 30 lakh per annum which accounts for may be 0.1 percent only but then that is the highest

  2. Please DON’T DO ENGINEERING in general…
    there is absolutely no opportunity in electrical engineering…. don’t listen to the video…im stuck in a electrical contractor company with just 6000 rs per month….it’s pathetic….any kids or parents reading this…please stop going for engineering….it sucks….even after studying hard there is no point…no job…went abroad no luck… shouldn’t have gone with science…lol…all commerce student are now rocking their life…

  3. Electrical engineer in merchant navy ship got 5lakhs per month.mechanical engineer qc welding inspection with api 510,570, safety officer

  4. After diploma electrical engg which field is best for job-production company (transformer ,motor ,generator) or transmission distribution company

  5. Kya aap mujhe bta sakte hai ki diploma in electrical engineers kya work karte hai factory Mai , aap example bhi bta dijeyega ????

  6. Good Madam, eee greatness is am compared to rising sun what happens if sun never rise, world survival becomes impossible, like wise present trend every thing related to power.

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