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  1. My Bluetooth doesn’t work but all in all I’m super happy with this radio. Bluetooth doesn’t matter to me because of the Apple car play. Which is amazing. The sound quality was better than my stock radio. You can also customize the surround sound as in, you can make it sound like you are in a stadium, Oprah house, cave, etc. The Apple car play works flawlessly. I have a 2014 Toyota Corolla.

  2. Can you do a video of actual usage like playing music and videos if it can play any. Or is it just music and pics? Also does it have a hpf and lpf.

  3. Do you know what harness you used to mount it to your dash? I’ve got this same radio in my 2010 Silverado and I’m just needing to know which mount will work with it.

  4. Will the included steering wheel remote allow you to enable the google assistant? For example, could you hold down on the mute button long enough to activate it. It seems like the microphone icon is in the top right hand corner and would make things a bit hard to access.

  5. I have bought 2 of this model and the screen goes black and still plays Spotify in the background. Any insight to what might be wrong?

  6. This is an unbiased review based on my usage, as I have personally purchased and tested this unit and several others before my decision to review this product. I have no company or brand affiliation whatsoever.

    I purchased this head unit with some doubt of how it would perform, regarding the brand and the low price. I am somewhat of an audiophile.. And just let me tell you how good this thing sounds! This head unit is totally bad ass. It sounds absolutely incredible when you set the EQ to your system. Turn it up and listen! It is just as good or better than head units selling for twice as much. I could not be happier with the audio. On factory speakers, this thing is a beast to say the least, at 60 watts per channel. Just avoid using the built in effects (why did they add that?!).. Also, leave the loudness setting off, as it seems to do virtually nothing to the audio. The Bluetooth audio is crisp and super clear. It sounds as good as the direct line in (AUX). The android auto app is very smooth and works well. I find myself using the maps, music apps, and hands free calling regularly. (check and see if your phone supports android auto). I am super happy to have this head unit and I use it every day. For a really nice, and well rounded system: Use this with factory speakers ( or speakers that perform well around 20-60 watts).. (or their aftermarket upgrade counterpart). Add a low power range subwoofer to have superb, theater quality sound.

    *side note: If you have "lower on the wattage rating" stock speakers, (IE: designed to run 15 watts or lower). This unit may blow the voice coil in time. It does produce good power! Try some aftermarket speakers in the 20-60 wattage range to wake the system up!

    This is a beautifully performing head unit. I did not use this unit with a subwoofer myself, however I plan to. This was tested with stock Chevrolet speakers from a "factory installed Non-Bose sound system". The result were clearly above my expectations. This is a keeper.

  7. I purchased this radio over a year ago from Walmart.com and at the time it was on back order. I didn’t even get around to hooking it up. I purchased this radio for different reasons then most have stated. Purchasing this radio wasn’t about budget at all. I purchased it because it was the cleanest looking radio that I could find. I like how sleek and modern it looks. It almost looks like some of the display screens that are coming factory equipped on newer vehicles. Considering my car is an 06 I think it will give a clean factory upgraded look to my interior along with some other custom changes I have planned.

  8. I just recently bought one of these systems for the Android Auto and other features. What tempted me was the low price and the steering wheel-attached remote control. I haven’t hooked it up yet because I’m waiting for the installation kit with harness for my 2010 Hyundai Accent which will arrive shortly. Anyway, how did you hook up the auxiliary cable? Did you use some sort of RCA to 3.5mm cable?

  9. Do you still have this unit? And how was it now on 2019 any trouble? I want to buy but I want to know the issues of this unit. Thx and advance.

  10. Anyone able to get the backup camera to turn on when you put the truck in reverse? I hooked everything up right. It will only display on the screen if I actually go into the rear camera app on the radio. I think that is kind of defeating the purpose if I have to manually click on the screen every time I want to go into reverse and use the camera.

  11. Did you have to set up the apple car play when I plug in my phone the phone charges but doesn’t switch to CarPlay

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